Green Thumb Sunday: Easter blossom

Happy Easter!

I took this photo last summer on our upstairs neighbor’s deck, but it seemed just right for Easter. Enjoy the day, y’all.

Gardeners, plant and nature lovers can join in Green Thumb Sunday every week. Visit As the Garden Grows for more information.


19 Responses to “Green Thumb Sunday: Easter blossom”

  1. 1 gardenmomma April 8, 2007 at 5:33 pm

    You are right…it’s a perfect picture for Easter Sunday. Hope you had a great Easter!

  2. 2 Tricia April 8, 2007 at 7:36 pm

    Beautiful photo! I love the shade of yellow.

    Please don’t forget to visit other green thumb participants. Very few people are going around visiting other green thumbers and that’s not the way this is supposed to work. :(

  3. 3 inadvertentgardener April 8, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    Gardenmomma, thanks for stopping by and happy Easter to you, too!

    Tricia, I loved the color, too. And I agree — visiting other participants is important, and I definitely do that each week. I don’t always leave comments, but I do make the rounds.

  4. 4 guppyman April 8, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see a pic…


    Oh well… Happy Easter anyway!

  5. 5 inadvertentgardener April 8, 2007 at 9:57 pm

    Guppyman, Happy Easter to you, too — it’s odd that you can’t see it, but I hope you’ll come back another week for a different photo.

    And if you’re not Guppyman and you can’t see the photo, please leave me a comment and let me know — I’ll happily troubleshoot.

  6. 6 kate April 8, 2007 at 10:19 pm

    This is a lovely pic … especially for me these days when my garden is frozen solid and nothing is coming up. Brr…

    I hope you had a good weekend!!

    Kate … who can see the pic!

  7. 7 inadvertentgardener April 8, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    Kate, mine is still frozen, too, so I’m enjoying peeks into other folks’ gardens…those in warmer climes who have stuff growing already. Happy Easter to you!

  8. 8 MrBrownThumb April 8, 2007 at 10:46 pm

    Well I still have 15 minutes before it’s Monday here so I wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you for stopping by my blog. I really like the pic and especially the DOF.

  9. 9 Ruth April 9, 2007 at 12:35 am

    A wonderful bright and cheery photo

  10. 10 skeet April 9, 2007 at 2:39 am

    Aloha! No freezing weather here and I can see the photo just fine! What a lovely and vibrant yellow! Visiting for Green Thumb Sunday!

  11. 11 inadvertentgardener April 9, 2007 at 5:15 am

    Mr. Brown Thumb, thanks for stopping by!

    Ruth, I loved the color of the flower — I agree, very cheery.

    Skeet, glad you’re getting warmth where you are. I know spring weather will return to Iowa eventually…just…not…yet…

  12. 12 Sally April 9, 2007 at 6:20 am

    Neat photo Genie! Don’t know about down your way, but they’re calling for snow tomorrow and Wednesday. Ack! My poor flowers, they just keep getting blasted. Hope you had a great Easter!

  13. 13 Marc at GardenDesk April 9, 2007 at 8:19 am

    How cheerful and bright! Great selection for Green Thumb Sunday.

    Congratulations on getting nominated for a “Best of the Blogs” award. I am voting for you!

  14. 14 inadvertentgardener April 9, 2007 at 8:25 am

    Thanks, Marc — I appreciate the visit…and the vote!

    Sally, I did hear there is talk of snow for Tuesday/Wednesday…and I am very much NOT PLEASED by the idea. I’m so ready for some really warm spring weather…

  15. 15 Laura April 9, 2007 at 5:03 pm

    I also wanted to start composting this past summer. I had seen all these neat compost bins and compost turners, etc in catalogs and was very excited. I also had found a lovely container to keep food scraps in the kitchen so that I wouldn’t have to run out to the back each time I cooked or had something to go in the bin. A co-worker who is also a neighbor suggested I just use a simple wire bin to start. Within a few days he had brought me a round bin made of chicken wire that I just fill up and them lift the wire off to the side and shovel the insides into the new location. It isn’t want I wanted, but it is a start. :-)
    I have turned the leaves and vegetation that I put in there a few times over the winter, but I haven’t seen what it turned into. Guess I’ll find out when I till the garden soon. Take care!

  16. 16 chigiy April 10, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    It is a beautiful photo and quite the perfect Easter photo.
    I can’t remember if I asked you this but what kind of camera do you have?

  17. 17 inadvertentgardener April 10, 2007 at 6:57 pm

    Laura, you’ll have to let me know what you discover from your composting experiment and how the wire bin worked for you. Looking forward to hearing about it!

    Chigiy, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on the photo. I use a Canon PowerShot SD450 — one of these days, I’d love to get a digital SLR camera, but not yet…but I love my little PowerShot.

  18. 18 bright strangely April 11, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    howdy! i read your entry and thought i’d chime in since i just started composting. i’ll be blogging about it if you’d like to have another model to watch. my pile has not reached its critical mass yet, but i haven’t had any problems with odors/critters so far (3 weeks in). in my area, the city provides a cheap bin if you attend their free class… you may want to check into it and see if there is a similar program in your city. i enjoy your blog very much… happy gardening!

  19. 19 inadvertentgardener April 11, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    Bright strangely, I checked out my local city services and didn’t find anything, but thanks for letting me know about the possibility — very interesting!

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