Where it’s at: August 5

I decided to let the garden go without a drink of water this morning, partially because I was feeling lazy, and partially because all the plants are looking hale and hearty, and it just seemed like a daily watering was overkill.

OK, OK, it’s mostly that I felt lazy this morning.

I have already been outside to peer at plants a few times today, though, including once to go snag some grape tomatoes and basil for a breakfast sandwich. Here’s where things stood the first time I went outside:

Where it's at on August 5

On the other side of the yard, I’m seeing some serious tomato ripening action, as well as some tomato blossoms that are, in fact, beginning to turn into new, baby tomatoes. I would have done a little dance this morning, but that lazy situation got in the way.

August 5 containers

Radish seedlingsAfter planting my seeds on Monday, I was extremely surprised yesterday to notice a row of very similar looking sprouts poking up through the ground. The weeds have been relentless lately, and I probably would have mistaken these for unwanted garden visitors, had I not checked the Internet for a picture. Sure enough, the white icicle radishes are already making their way toward my dinner table.

There’s no question that I planted too many seeds, and these will require thinning. I think. When I walked out this morning, a big, fat rabbit had plopped himself right in the middle of the garden, and I had to actually chase him out of the yard, since he was in no hurry to leave. (My laziness has an escape clause: it evaporates when I need to chase an errant bunny out of the vegetables.)

Maybe I won’t have to thin much of anything. I couldn’t tell what the rabbit had chosen off the menu this morning, but I can imagine tender radish sprouts would sound practically gourmet to a bunny right about now.


1 Response to “Where it’s at: August 5”

  1. 1 steven August 5, 2006 at 4:36 pm

    I see our friends the leeks are still hanging around. The rabbits have become a little bolder lately here, but there’s nothing for them to really nibble on. I guess they just like hanging out until the dogs chase them off?

    I had to yank the last of the zukes today because of the squash borers, luckily I froze most of my crop this year instead of giving it away.

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